Six Steps to Sell Your Home Even During a Shifting Market

Are you considering selling, but are concerned about how the current market will affect how much you can get for your home? Are you having trouble selling your home?

The signs are clear. The real estate market is shifting. The economy and other factors are affecting home sales right now.

At Aaron Cole Company, LLC, we have found that what Sellers need during a shifting market is a systematic approach… a process to follow to make sure they get their home sold and they sell for as much as possible.

As a home seller, if you're going to sell your home, you're going to need to get some buyers (preferably the right type of buyers) to come see your home and get at least one of those buyers to “fall in love” with your home. Pricing and marketing are critical steps in the process, but even the most comprehensive marketing plan and a great price won't cause your home to sell if you don't get the buyer to “fall in love” with your home.

A number of years ago, we created a simple six-step process for our seller clients to follow. This process is specifically designed to help our seller client attract and “capture” their buyer's emotions. It is a very simple process that has continued to work time and time again, even during the economy's ups and downs. Our agents have helped hundreds of sellers go from expired or withdrawn listing to successful sale. Our seller clients who follow the process have a nearly 100% success rate.

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